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Thank you for your interest in BRealStudios Workshops! If you’re interested in hosting a workshop at the studio, please fill out the form below with information regarding your workshop.

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Requested Date
Requested Date
Please forward us a workshop schedule along with any handouts you will be providing for participants to after you have submitted the application.
We ask that you provide any handouts or takeaways necessary for the workshop should you use them.
BRealStudios will not enforce the schedule, however we include the schedule breakdown on the Facebook Event Page.
BRealStudios acquires 30% of the workshops total revenue for advertisement and promotion of the workshop through social media and our studio, and for providing the space.
BRealStudios will receive payment from workshop participants and we require that you provide us with an invoice, outlining the total attendance and amount that is owed minus the 30% commission for BRealStudios.
Workshop facilitators will receive payment within 14 days after receiving the invoice, as we need to wait for the online sales to be transferred into our account.
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Workshop Coordinator Signature
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