Jessie Baldwin - Master Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is a method of healing all aspects of ourselves, mind, body, and soul. It channels universal energy (chi) with intention and intuition to clear physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks. It will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, centred, and grounded. On an energetic level reiki opens, clears, and balances the chakras. This leaves you feeling open and connected to your higher self. Reiki relieves stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as pain from past traumas. 
Jessie’s reiki sessions include many methods of healing in order to amplify the clearing and healing taking place through reiki energy. Crystal therapy, sound therapy, colour therapy, essential oils, and light touch are incorporated depending on what is intuited or recommended.
During a reiki session you can expect to lay down peacefully and just simply breathe as the healing takes place. Wearing warm, loose, and comfortable clothes is recommended, as well as drinking plenty of water and allotting time afterwards to process that which surfaced. It is recommended that you take some time before hand to set an intention for your healing.