Infrared Heating

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How Infrared Heating benefits you...

Our Hot Yoga classes are offered with Infrared Heating as their source of heating.

Unlike traditional heaters that heat the air in the room causing you to sweat due to being in a warm environment, the infrared heating panels are designed to heat your body without raising the temperature in the room to uncomfortable levels. The Infrared Heat is the safest way to heat the body and room you are practicing in.  Using this invisible wave of energy, your body will naturally benefit from the heat during our classes. The Infrared Heat creates a slight rise in body temperature and naturally detoxifies the system, and toxins, fat and impurities are released from your body in the form of sweat. 

We want our clients to focus on having meaningful yoga sessions and be as comfortable as possible.

Infrared Heating allows this to happen.

Using the Infrared Heating as our source of heating, we are giving the body the opportunity to reduce pain and inflammation, which helps relax muscles. It helps offer relief from arthritis, back pain, Fibromyalgia and joint pains. 

Although there are many physical benefits that help you internally, there are also external benefits. Infrared Heating has been connected to improving skin elasticity, reducing fatigue, helps you burn more calories and reduce water retention through sessions. 

We believe that you will be as comfortable as possible because the air in the studio with the Infrared Heaters is clean and easy to breathe. It creates an atmosphere where you will have more comfortable and meaningful classes, and are able to focus on your movement and berating to get the most out of each session.